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Methodology (Translation)

All our work undergoes at least one correction by a second qualified translator. Some services are simple on-the-spot translations not integrated within the framework of a documentation. However, the number of projects beeing part of a communication system are growing by the day .
If this is your case, our procedures are simple and effective: Together we thoroughly analyse your needs. This allows us to exactly define the solutions , their detailed costs and delivery dates . By always closely working with your organisation, we define the steps, organisational sequences and responsibilities. Depending on the purpose of each text (material intended for publication or just internal distribution etc.), we define the minimum level of Quality Control suitable to adjust costs to a minimum. Naturally, the delivery dates play a decisive role in all the process and our treatment of those corresponds with this concept.
We understand our task only through close co-operation with our customers, so don't be surprised if we ask you to allow us to take a glance at your products/processes or to have a talk to your technicians. We need to fully understand you and your business.

Confidentiality (Translation-Interpreting)

Our organisation processes millions of lines, being involved in numerous international operations each year. Every spoken or written text contains certain information, intended only for those to whom it is addressed. Being highly conscious of this fact, we follow, among others, the guidelines of the DIN 2345 standard which establishes a basic discretion duty, even if our customer did not expressly mention this in their instructions.
Consequently, all of our translators and interpreters have signed an agreement to maintain strict discretion on the contents they have access to during their work. We may also sign a confidentiality agreement, if required.
Before disposing off hard copies or magnetic materials, our Quality System requires us to pass them through our document/CD shredders .


The quality system of CIP Traductores has received various certifications:


Certifying organisations


Date of certificate

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ISO 9001:2000 AENOR / Qnet Spain May 5, 2003 PDF ISO 9001:2000
DIN 2345 DIN CERTCO Germany January 3, 2005 PDF DIN 2345